There isn't ever really much to say here. I could spend hours, minutes...even just a few seconds to think of something clever but it still wouldn't really matter much. I could leave my favourite lyrics in this tiny littly space but it's not like anybody ever reads through those anyway. If you know and like the song, you've probably already memorised it. If you know and don't like the song, then you probably don't want to be reminded of it. And if you don't know the song at all, chances are, you probably won't want to take two minutes out of your time to read through two to three verses, a repeated chorus, and a bridge. I could put a lot of things stats, my info, whatever you wish to call it - name, date of birth, location, and all - but then, if you're interested, you'd already know. Or so I'd like to think. And since there really isn't much to say or write or leave here, I offer you this rinky dinky paragraph that is probably the most amusing thing you've read in awhile. Why? Because it's honest, stupid, and pointless. Who wouldn't love that?


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Public mention. 1:34AM - 2004, September 1
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If you have been recently removed from my friends list, you either:

1] did not mind if it happened.
2] did not see/reply to my previous post and still feel that you want to stay (a comment here would be nice, if this is the case).
3] requested that you be removed.

Again, no hard feelings. I just don't have as much time as I used to.

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DENIED. 12:51AM - 2003, June 13
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